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We’re not the best, but not the worst – have broken our ankles multiple times because of ‘lag’, emptied a full clip at a leaf once thinking it was an enemy, seem to be attracted to driving into C4s and always go for the hot drops knowing we’re going to have our asses handed to us… but we do have some right laughs on the way!

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If the above sounds familiar and you are bored of playing with randoms. Come join us! We are full of active members around the clock, a matchmaking bot that will get you teamed up in seconds, free giveaways and competitions, free to enter tournaments with cash/COD point prizes and a tonne load more!

We are an 18+ community and we aren’t for the sweaty… we aren’t bothered about our KD ratios nor do we compare the size of our glocks. We promote and champion chilled and friendly vibes only here!

24/7 Matchmaking

With members all over the world, finding a match at any time of the day has never been easier.

1-on-1 Coaching

We have a dedicated coaching team to help those new to the game with understanding the mechanics and more.


Win cash and COD points in our free to enter tournaments which all #PFAM members can take part in.


From COD Points to headsets and more. Members benefit from free giveaways running every week.

Live Stats Tracking

See how you did in your last 5 games or what your stats are like overall using our live in-game stats tracker bot.

Tips & Advice

Our community is full of seasoned COD players who are more than happy to share their best tips and more.

Member Content

The best place for epic clips, hilarious fails and probably the funniest memes you will ever see.

Chilled & Relaxed

There’s no toxicity, drama or power hungry admins in our community. The atmosphere here is always chill.



Very good regiment with very good leadership. Nice and polite people, always good for a laugh. Matchmaking works fine, 24/7 always found a party within 15 mins. Cool Events and hillarious chats. Prompt support and chilled Admins. Home of some of the best laughts I ever had! :heart:


“Pfam is a great regiment to be in, I’m a new gamer and didn’t really understand how you played the game. It was boring playing on your own with randoms, now you can always find someone who doesn’t care how good you are to have a game with you, great community :thumbsup:


“Just wanna leave a pretty quick comment on the PFAM as i truly believe it is a top tier COD discord with the variety of channels, the constant giveaways that are sustained by the generous community. You are always welcome to join all the tournaments and challenges that are organised by the admins and on top of that the whole community here is always willing to help.


“Having joined around the end of July PFAM has shown me that they’re so much more then a bunch of people playing Modern Warfare, being taken in by a group like this is doing more than just play games and going for dubs, here people show a genuine interest in you and want to make sure you’re part of every single part of the community! #PFAM, :yellow_heart: From me!


“this clan has everything you could possibly want. Really easy to find a game and someone to play with. Relaxed fun environment for all skill levels. An awesome place to game.


“WE’RE SIMPLY THE BEST! :musical_note:dun dun dundun:musical_note: BETTER THAN ALLLL THE REST

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