HOW TO: Dam Underground Maintenance Room Easter Egg

You need to enter this building 👇 in the centre of downtown. From there you will need to go to the desk at the front of the building and put a code in on the wall opposite the computer. The code is 2179. Once you’ve put this code in all of the doors with lock shut....

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Meet the #PFAM: Stealth

Yooooo everyone, going to be taking the helm of torturing/firing a few questions at the other ladies and gents behind the #PFAM, so you can find out a little bit more about them (we aren't all lunatics I promise). Today's victim was Stealth aka SAM (small angry man)...

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Mental Health, Lockdown and Gaming

Hi everyone. I am Craig, and I have recently had suicidal thoughts. In 2018, there were 6,507 suicides according to figures provided by The Samaritans, including the Republic of Ireland, that number rises to 6,859, which equates to 18 per day. Suicide is the single...

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Meet the #PFAM: oO Sophie May Oo

So today I got a great privilege when I interviewed one of our board members. Miss Sophie May was my honoured guest today. With a bright mind and a vision like the founder. She allowed me to do a one on one interview with her. She seemed very enthusiastic to speak...

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Meet the #PFAM: SirDrPooFingerz

Welcome readers to the first writings of the #PFAM blog! Today I had the privilege of speaking with the founder of the #PFAM in a one-on-one interview I was able to ask him a few questions to which he had very good responses and here they are. At the start of the...

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