You need to enter this building 👇 in the centre of downtown.

From there you will need to go to the desk at the front of the building and put a code in on the wall opposite the computer. The code is 2179. Once you’ve put this code in all of the doors with lock shut.

You must activate the computer where a series of pictures with numbers and “X” s. There will be four images. The final code is four digits long, so each “X” indicates the end of that number.

Each picture on the computer corresponds to a painting on the wall of the building. 👇

Underneath each painting will be Roman numerals. You must take that number and add or subtract what was after the small picture on the computer screen to get your first number of the code. Do this for each of the pictures shown and you’ll get a four-digit code. Go back to the computer and input the code. You’ll have to imagine the numbers have been cut in half as that is how it needs to be put in. 👇

After this, you need to go to the subway station at airport 👇

Take the left turn as you go down the steps and go into the doors opposite to the computer. Activate the computer. Once this is done a train should arrive with the title of scrambled words on the neon screens. Once inside this train you should be going to “maintenance” from there you’ll be taken to the dam where you’ll see a tonne of orange boxes and loot. The Bruen is in a side room in this secret station. To return to the map, activate the computer and hop on the train!

Author: Georgina2002

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