Welcome readers to the first writings of the #PFAM blog!

Today I had the privilege of speaking with the founder of the #PFAM in a one-on-one interview I was able to ask him a few questions to which he had very good responses and here they are.

At the start of the interview, I thanked him for taking the time to speak with me. He stated that he isn’t one for the spotlight but because I seemed so eager that he’d do it basically taking one for the team. Being a curious journalist, I asked him what inspired him to create the #PFAM and this was what he had to say.

“Ummm, well I got into streaming at the start of lockdown and my channel grew pretty fast, got up to like 2,000 followers in a few weeks and having a Discord is a basic need for a streamer! So I set up a server not really knowing what I was hoping to get from it… then the reality of a baby on the way hit and I realised I probably wouldn’t have that much time to stream regularly, so I thought why not put some more energy into converting the Discord into a community for others like me, who just want to play games, talk crap and chill out… and so PFAM was born!”

Personally speaking, I believe that every great thing begins with one person and an idea. I then asked him a more in-depth question pertaining to the future of the community.

His response was very gratifying and grateful.

“I honestly feel like it has already accomplished what I envisioned! Got a sick community full of friendly people, not had one complaint yet and everyone is just getting on, enjoying games, having a laugh and taking advantage of all the different things we offer! For the future, all I’d really like to see is continued growth and maybe some sponsorship deals with some well-known brands so we can give even more back to the fam.”

To conclude the interview i asked him if he had anything to say to the readers being members of the community or new members to which he replied:

“Thanks for being a part of something special, there’s not many Discord servers out there that can achieve what we have so quickly and we wouldn’t have been able to do it without everyone here, so thank you!”

I can be sure as a journalist that this will give the readers an insight as to who and what the founder is about. We see a lot of communities with strict rules and guidelines. This is not one of those and it’s following the ideals of the founder with greatness and growth.