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A message from SirDrPooFingerz:
Dude, you don’t have to. But if you do – absolute legend. Thank you for helping me and the community keep the #PFAM dream alive. Subscriptions and donations are in no way, shape or form expected. If you are unable to subscribe then hey, don’t worry about it man. As long as you still enjoy it without all the benefits! I appreciate anyone and everyone who pops by my streams, helps mod the Discord and those who participate in it! With or without contributions I will still invest as much time and money in this amazing hobby and community as I can to try bring you the best experience! Much love, Nick 🧡

Have Amazon Prime? You can support #PFAM for free!

By linking your Amazon Prime to your Twitch account you can claim one FREE subscription token to use. This is the equivalent on contributing £2.50 per month to the #PFAM – as long as you use the token to subscribe to SirDrPooFingerz on Twitch!

Don’t have Prime but still want to support the community?

Legend, we also have a Patreon page where you can contribute to the community. All tiers unlock special roles in Discord so everyone knows who to thank!

What do you get for subscribing on Twitch?

  • 💜 Prime Supporter role on Discord
  • Immune to slow-mode in chat
  • Ad-free viewing
  • Sub-only chat (when enabled)
  • Special sub badge for chat
  • Sub-only emotes

How does it benefit the #PFAM?

By supporting the #PFAM on Patreon/Twitch, you will be contributing towards running costs (website/plugins/bots), improving the Discord, competition prizes, tournament prize pools, community selected charities, freebies and more!

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