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I’m new to Battle Royales. I only recently dusted off my Xbox thanks to Lockdown. Playing as a casual, I recently got a lot better. One thing has always frustrated me about my journey here though – I’m learning the hard way. From catching up to the weapon meta, to getting shot down in the open with the gas on my tail. So how can novice players learn the ropes? There are so many clickbait YouTube videos out there targeting sweats (Try this GOAT loadout!), and very little helping the casual player to bag a few more wins.

With that I mind, this 3-part mini series is designed to help your average Joe win more games in the Warzone.

Early to Late Game: What’s important?

Early Game (Start FAST)

  • Where to land? Well, you want your loadout, and quick. Scavengers are the fastest way to make $10k, but don’t expect an easy ride. Are you near a buy station? Will you need to rotate across an airfield to safety in 4 minutes time? Don’t go picking up a bounty while most of the lobby is still in the plane, you’ll never find them.
  • Don’t be afraid to land Superstore (or the other traditional ‘hot drops’) – it takes 2 minutes to restart the game if you all get killed. If you want to land miles away, that’s up to you, just know the zone will pull much quicker in circle 1.
  • Land as a team! Be aware of other teams around you. Don’t be the guy who fell from the plane by accident, or still looting when your mates are getting pistol-whipped.
  • Loot fast! You really don’t need to spend 10 seconds deciding whether to pick up a Bizon or an Uzi. Grab any automatic weapon and stay close. Ping semi-decent guns for your mates to collect – they could still be carrying a pistol.
  • Punch people. If you can get the knack of spamming the melee button, it’s surprisingly effectively vs bullets (I know right!?)
  • Take care of genuine threats. So you just downed an enemy, your squad should have the upper hand to finish the fight. That doesn’t give you a licence to execute them for a guaranteed kill, forgetting their teammates could be in the next room. You’ll get your kill when the fight is won.
  • Map awareness starts now! Which doors have been opened, what’s been looted? Where did that recon contract go!? How many teams parachuted in close by? You’re in a Warzone now folks, time to pay attention!
  • Your first goal is to buy a loadout! Watch your money rack up, and get your ass to the buy station. This is always the number one priority. If you make it there first, drop your cash and scout the area. Always buying the loadout doesn’t make you cool, or skyrocket your game XP. You might also want to consider dropping your loadout box in a safe location. You can throw it in most buildings and collect from the roof. There’s nothing less fun than getting shot in the back after painstakingly looting $10k and finally getting hold of your own weapons.

Mid Game (Rotations)

  • Know the map! Some folks go as far as dropping in certain spots only and rotate to the same place. They know the building layouts, how to move safely, and where other teams frequently pop up.
  • Are you still looting? If someone else has been here, you’re probably wasting your time. You’ve got your own guns, it’s more important to think position and look for enemies.
  • What’s the plan to escape the gas? Play it however the hell you like, but don’t get caught in the middle of nowhere. Some like the ‘Pinwheel’ where you track back and forth along the edge of the gas, it keeps your back covered, and it can catch teams unaware as they rotate into the zone. Gatekeeping? Take note of where the next circle ends, can you position yourselves to spray down a team crossing an open field? Avoid being the last team to rotate with the gas biting your ass.
  • Keep busy! Contracts are there for a reason, grabbing a bounty will identify a team’s location. Recons will help with positioning later on – can be crucial to bagging more wins. Wandering around the map with little purpose can be boring and other teams might get the jump on you. Don’t forget cash is needed to revive teammates and get UAVs in the air to find enemies, so you need to keep the bankroll flowing.

Late Game (Position always wins)

  • Be prepared! If you have the opportunity to get plates, ammo, a kill streak, it’s going to boost your chances of winning.
  • Rotate early, to the outskirts (unless you find a very good reason not to). As the circle gets smaller you’re more likely to run into teams. Pull up your map and work toward the best spot for final zone. Don’t go wandering into a ‘kill box’ – where others can look down on you.
  • Don’t get stuck at the bottom of Dam or Quarry. This happens to the best of us, but you will have plenty of time to react before the zone traps you there.
  • Positioning > Accuracy. High ground and good cover wins games, keep a close eye on remaining team/player numbers. Where are they likely to be? Listen for gunshots, use them as distractions to make your move.
  • Don’t freeze up. Okay, so you made it to the big building in the middle of the zone or the hill with heaps of cover. What are you doing sitting in a cupboard/staring at a rock!? Everyone expects you to be there at this point, keep peeking – get eyes on your enemies and catch them in the open. Don’t let them walk straight to you and even up the fight.
  • 3rd parties sneak wins! With a handful of players left standing, take advantage when your opponents have already ripped each other a new one, and you’re sat there fully plated. Just be cautious, with such a small zone, it might not be the best idea to run across an open field if there are enemies not accounted for.
  • If you’ve got a mask, use it to your advantage. Folks rarely stroll into the gas to walk around a building, so they never expect it. Just be careful with that pesky animation when you come back in!

Teamwork makes the dream work. How to be a good team mate:

  • Understand your mates playstyle and adapt. If your buddies are playing slower than you’d like, it’s tempting to run off ahead and play aggressive – but do it together or not at all.
  • Ping the enemy, but don’t over-ping them. There’s nothing more annoying than listening to footsteps and fighting with a thousand ping noises going off, probably from a mate who has just been downed. Your sniper friends will thank you for a live ping.
  • Stop scrapping with each other for kills. It’s hard enough winning a BR without fighting each other, too. Gulag trips are often caused by the team clown wanting all the kills for themselves and running off into the unknown. Then, of course, they ask for an instant revive…
  • Stop moaning! If you get downed/killed and your team is still alive, the last thing they want to hear is how the enemy is cheating, how they are “one-shot” (when they’re really not), or how the lag got you killed. How about informing your pals how many are there, where they were last seen, and if they have a fire shotgun pointed at the door.
  • Update your teammates, feed them intelligence. If you are having to plate up, tell them. If you have almost downed an enemy and they have backed off, inform your team. They might have a better angle to finish a weak enemy.
  • Be a good driver. Don’t quietly hop out and let your buddies roll into battle, while you plate up behind a wall. If you’re heading into a fight, drive near cover and call the shots on the way in. You also have better visibility behind the wheel, so you need to be the eyes for your team.
  • If you’re dead, offer good advice, don’t backseat game! There’s nothing more frustrating in the final zone than a dead, vocal teammate who would clearly be doing something different to clutch the win. Good advice is invaluable: pinging a ‘safe’ buy station, reminding your buddy to reload or plate up, keeping an eye on the map for gunshots, and noticing the gas.
  • Don’t hold hands, but don’t run off. There’s a delicate balance here depending on your squad’s playstyle. All running through the same door at once is asking for trouble, but you need to protect each other from executions should you come across pesky campers. Focus on working different angles, flanking the enemy and watching your back.
  • Fight one enemy squad at once. You’re not Rambo. If your team are shooting, you need to help them. However tempting it is to shoot at a random chopper instead, don’t bother. You need to finish fights quickly to avoid getting 3rd partied, so pissing off anyone and everyone you see who is not a threat to you right now is going to be your downfall.
  • This isn’t multiplayer where you can roam the side of the map that your team aren’t playing in, you’re asking for trouble.
  • Suppressing fire keeps you alive. Crossing roads and fields might leave you in the open, but a few shots on an enemy in a window will suppress them long enough for at least some of you to get safe and reset a fight.
  • Share your cash! There’s no excuse for a squad holding excess cash when leaving a buy station – unless you just won the lottery. Are you sure you couldn’t group together to buy another self revive?

Next up is Part 2: Weapons and Equipment, stay tuned!

Author: TankOcean

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